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Use cases#

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1. Introduction#

The portal use cases are designed to highlight the capabilities and practical implementation contexts for the data analytics tools offered by the platform. To this extent, 5 main use cases have been defined:

Name Links
Scenario 1 - Data visualization Description, Guide
Scenario 2 - Search analytics Description, Guide
Scenario 3 - Low code data analytics Description, Guide
Scenario 4 - Big data analytics Description, Guide
Scenario 5 - Live dashboards Description, Guide

Each scenario has its own dedicated folder in which all relevant files are stored. More in particular, each use case is supported by two reference documents:

  • Use case description, which is reporting the following information:

    • use case description - Problem statement, presenting the foundational problem statement for the discussed use case;
    • use case goals, presenting the use case goals which derive from its description;
    • use case tools & capabilities, presenting the data analytics tools (and the key capabilities) that will be implemented to build a solution for the starting problem statement;
  • Use case guide, which is a step-by-step walkthrough in the portal to correctly use the data analytics tools selected for the use case and thus achieve the use case goals.

2. Datasets#

A specific dataset has been chosen for each scenario in consideration of the type of the analysis undertaken: