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Apply for BDTI#

How to get started with BDTI:#

1) Get familiar with BDTI services:

Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) offers a range of services you can explore here.

Technical documentation and support services are provided to help you set up a pilot project for creating, testing and implementing your own innovative services based on public sector information. The infrastructure and the additional services are provided free of charge with the objective of fostering and promoting a data-driven public sector.

2) Define your data analytics use case:

If you are a European public administration, you can request a free-of-charge pilot project on the BDTI test infrastructure.

To do so, please download this form and fill it out.

This form will help us assess your data analytics use case and how you aim to derive value from the analysis of data. In that respect, we encourage you to complete the BDTI request form as thoroughly as possible. If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact us by email (, indicating in the subject “[BDTI] Application form”.

3) Submit your “BDTI PILOT Request”:

After you have defined your data analytics use case for your organisation by filling out the BDTI Pilot Request Template you can submit your request by email to Please indicate in the subject “[BDTI] pilot request”.

4) Elaborate your business and technical need:

After analysing your request, you will be contacted for a short meeting to further discuss your business and technical needs.

5) Pilot project approval:

After your use case has been further developed and a test environment designed, the BDTI Service Owner will give a final validation to run the pilot project based on the following criteria: The pilot requester must represent a public administration in the EU Feasibility: Your use case must envisage gaining insights from your data analytics pilot project within a 6-month timeframe for which the test environment is offered free of charge.The cost estimation of the pilot project is within the funding boundaries of the BDTI budget The geographical distribution of the pilot projects will also be considered to ensure a fair distribution among the European Member States

6) Test environment set up:

Now that your pilot project request has been approved, the BDTI technical team will set-up your tailored cloud-based data analytics environment so that you can start with your big data experiments.

More detailed information about the process can be found in the Test Infrastructure Service Offering Description.

7) Start the pilot and gain insight:

Everything is set up and you can experiment with your data on the test cloud infrastructure provided by BDTI.

For all questions related to onboarding, please contact us via e-mail.

Disclaimer: Although we are taking necessary security measures to help ensure the safety of your data, the responsibility on the data used as part of the pilot is on the party requesting the pilot. They are required to ensure compliance and seek any required permissions on the use and processing of the data. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions section in the BDTI Pilot Request form.